Transforming Teams

Amplify your team’s productivity and impact, and achieve your goals

17,000 individuals and teams

Over my career of facilitating effective strategies, I’ve had a positive influence on more than 17,000 individuals and teams in private and public sector organizations.

Amplify your productivity

Under my guidance, my clients have amplified their productivity and achieved their goals. Tools and processes aid the implementation, tracking, and growth for employees and companies.

Tried and True tools

For each partner in this process, I pull together tools from my tried and true collection and Lumina Learning built on the scientific empirical research of the Big 5.

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Tools for Transforming Teams

Lumina Team

Lumina Team provides valuable data on the collective and individual motivation of a team and its members. It highlights how team members “show up” daily with the most impactful graph revealing the behavior of the team under stress.

Lumina Spark

Lumina Spark is a “bottom-up” approach that measures traits, instead of reducing people to types, with no inferences, where everything is explicitly and scientifically measured based on the empirical research of the BIG 5. This assessment is a must for all teams who are serious about accomplishing their goals.

Lumina Life

Lumina Life is an organizational health and wellness assessment tool that enables employees to take responsibility of their own health. When this happens, employee engagement soars and feeds into the wellness of the organization.