Resources for Success

I have assembled a toolkit filled with methodologies, resources and processes that will help your brilliance shine.

Video Library

Watch and listen to me speak about my program Uncovering Brilliance and other topics.

Communicate Your Brilliance

A quick checklist to ensure you are communicating the best “you” to those around you.

Helpful Books

I love to read! This list includes my favorite book resources.

8 Lumina Spark Aspects

Learn the 8 Lumina Spark Aspects that describe how you interact with others and the world around you.

24 Lumina Spark Qualities

A list of the qualities particular to each of the 8 Lumina Spark Aspects.

Lumina Spark GROWS Model

A diagram of the GROWS model from Lumina Spark.

Lumina Spark 4 Color Energies

Learn about Lumina Spark’s 4 color energies: Green, Yellow, Red, Blue.