We are a consultancy that helps individuals and businesses manage their style; whether it is leadership, stress, conflict resolution, communication, retirement, innovative thinking, effective selling, team productivity, retirement or personal style.
We are your partners in becoming the style that is the most natural and consequently the most powerful and rewarding for you. Our process is a positive “anything is possible” practice that starts you on a journey producing transformation from the inside out. We are intentional and thoughtful, using respectful inquiry to explore pain points and understand your unique situation, goals, and aspirations. Our passion compels ”passion” that permits us to tap into fears and roadblocks allowing you to become comfortable and willing to embrace the powerful transformation. We are on the cutting edge of our industry, we are using tools and resources to deliver useful knowledge and innovations in fashion, image, assessments and proven theories to enhance the experience and outcome for the client.
Please contact me for information on speaking to your organization or for your private image consultation and coaching today!