Accelerating Careers

Experience an ongoing transformation from the inside out, like uncovering a diamond in the rough.

Accelerate Your Career

I am your partner in empowering you. To launch you on your journey, we’ll use a research-based process based in neuroscience and designed to produce an ongoing transformation from the inside out, like uncovering a diamond in the rough.

I am intentional and thoughtful, using respectful inquiry to explore pain points and guide you in understanding your unique situation, goals, and aspirations. By tapping into fears and roadblocks, we allow you to become comfortable and willing to embrace the powerful transformation.

  • Develop clear, concise and realistic goals for your personal and professional lives
  • Establish accountability and parameters in positive and empathetic ways
  • Map out the larger picture goals and identify specific, timeline-driven steps to get there
  • Complete assessments and learn to use your strengths
  • Become aware of areas that derail you from progress, especially when you are over-extended

“Jane is a rare individual who combines knowledge, skill, personality, and ability. She is both a sensitive leader and a genuine listener.”

– Scott G. Gengler, former Principal, Irondale High School

Tools for Accelerating Your Career

Lumina Spark

Lumina Spark is a “bottom-up” approach that measures traits, instead of reducing people to types, with no inferences, where everything is explicitly and scientifically measured based on the empirical research of the BIG 5.

Lumina Life

Lumina Life is an organizational health and wellness assessment tool that enables employees to take responsibility of their own health. When this happens, employee engagement soars and feeds into the wellness of the organization.

Lumina Sales

Lumina Sales focuses on qualities needed for the highest success in sales, measured in both their effective use and their overextended use. The sales cycle is married to the buyers’ cycle highlighting strengths and areas to be developed.

Lumina Emotional Agility

Emotional Agility is the ability to understand, adapt and manage our daily emotions and personality characteristics. This powerful tool brings awareness to our ‘self talk’ and its impact on our emotions. With this knowledge, we can better understand our behavior and manage our reactions.

Lumina Leader

Lumina Leader can be used as a self-assessment or a 360-degree feedback tool. It assesses the four domains of successful leadership including effective qualities, overextended qualities and deterrents to leadership achievement.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

MBTI® by CPP, Inc. – A standard type tool that provides a wonderful Jungian foundation to my work.


Stress Assessment by High Performing Systems, Inc.

Sensory Preference Assessment

1984 – 2008 by Arlene Taylor PhD Realizations